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Jacqueline Seated
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
Paris, 8 October 1954
Oil on canvas
146 x 114 cm
Museo Picasso Málaga
Gift of Christine Ruiz-Picasso

Jacqueline Seated

Picasso and his future wife Jacqueline Roque Hutin met in 1952 at the Madoura factory, where she was working in the shop, and his earliest portraits of her date from 1954. […] They moved in the autumn of that year to his rue des Grands Augustins studio in Paris. In the first two weeks of October he began a series of colourful portraits of his new muse, including Jacqueline Seated.

The placement of the seated Jacqueline in front of three bands of colour –red for the ground or floor, yellow for the space behind her, and blue for the sky above— suggest that she is out of doors in the sunny Mediterranean, although the work was painted in Paris. At the same time, Picasso was surely thinking about his dying friend Matisse, who typically set the women in his painting against broad areas of flat colour.

Whenever Picasso came up with an image for a new woman in his life, he picked out those features which, for him, conveyed both her physical characteristics and also her temperament.

Marilyn McCully in Museo Picasso Málaga: collection (FMPM.LPCBRP, 2010, p. 44)

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