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For the 2021-22 school year, Museo Picasso Málaga is offering a wide range of activities inside the museum is based on the Dialogues with Picasso. Collection 2020-2023, set in a safe and pleasant environment. 

The price of the workshops is 3 € per student (in Spanish) and 5 € in another language. Teachers access free of charge. Registration form, here.

For more information, call 952 12 76 00 (10:00h -14:00h) or email



Submerge Yourself in the Sea
Workshop visit for Infant level and first stage of Primary

The swimmers, sea urchins and fish created by Picasso will serve as inspiration for this activity, which is based on the sea. Using their senses, the children will be able to explore and discover the relationship between humans and the planet, through unusual sounds, textures, lights and smells.

Other Points of View
Workshop visit for second and third stages of Primary level

Based on the cubist faces in the MPM permanent collection, team games will be used to create an experience in which participants build large cubist figures, with a dynamic that encourages cooperation and alliances between the separate groups. 

Young Curators
Workshop visit for Secondary and Bachillerato levels

Telling a story, defending an idea or constructing a discourse are just some of a curator’s jobs. In this workshop, we invite pupils from Secondary and Bachillerato level to create their own exhibition discourse using images from past and present times, and to discover more about art curating.

Workshop visit for first and second stages of Secondary, and Bachillerato levels

In this activity, we will be working on the basics of chalcography. Based on the prints by Picasso in the MPM permanent collection, pupils will be set an exercise in which they can make an intaglio or dry-point engraving, working with burins, acetates and water-based inks.


The museum exhibition rooms will become a debating area for school children. They will be invited to look at a selection of works by Picasso and exchange their own ideas on them. This will lead them to discover subjects that may go beyond the artwork itself, stimulating knowledge and critical thought.

Languages: Spanish, English and French. This activity is free in Spanish for schools in the official Andalusian education system. Discounts are available for other schools.

For second and third cycle of Primary level, and Secondary and Bachillerato levels

A conversation about art inside the museum can be a unique chance to practice the foreign language that pupils are studying at school, be it English or French. 
This activity is adapted to different educational levels and costs 75€ (groups up to a maximum of 20 pupils). Languages: English-Spanish and French-Spanish.

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