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Notre-Dame-de-Vie, Mougins, 6th August 1966

Taken in the sculpture room at Notre-Dame-de-Vie, in the image Picasso appears next to famous photographer Edward Steichen. In 1911, in his gallery in New York, Steichen had organized the first Picasso exhibition in the United States.

When Roberto Otero takes this picture Picasso is wearing, businessman and art collector, Joseph H. Hirschhorn’s  jacket and bow tie, who Steichen had just introduced him to.

Impressed by Picasso's work, Hirschhorn offers all he owns for one of his sculptures. Picasso accepts the offer and at that moment, dressed in the clothes of the businessman, raises a finger and says: I am the world’s first collector of Picassos

The re-framed version of the photograph, in which only Picasso can be seen, became one of Otero’s most widely-circulated pictures.