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During the month of July, Museo Picasso Málaga will be welcoming over a hundred Ukrainian refugees who have been received in Málaga after escaping from their country because of the war.

The MPM team greeted the first of these groups, who visited the art museum today to see the Paula Rego retrospective and take part in a workshop.

Throughout the month of July, Museo Picasso Málaga is organizing workshop visits for Ukrainian refugee families who have come to Málaga, thanks to the cooperation of the Spanish Refugee Aid Commission (CEAR). We are introducing them to the museum, which is being offered to them as a peaceful space where they can participate in culture together as a family. They can visit the Paula Rego exhibition, then take part in workshops based on an artist who was always critical of abuse and authoritarian violence.

This morning, the artistic director of Museo Picasso Málaga, José Lebrero Stals welcomed the first of these groups. He said that “when culture serves for respectful dialogue with that which is different, it becomes a defensive weapon against the abuse of power.” The group of refugees discovered the work of Paula Rego in detail, viewing Escape (2009) a work that explicitly refences women and their role in protecting children escaping from war.

The Spanish Refugee Aid Commission is a Spanish NGO founded in 1979.

Its principal mission is to protect the rights of refugees, stateless persons and migrants in need of international protection or exposed to social exclusion.


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