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Museo Picasso Málaga receives valuable support from the following institutions and companies, whose commitment to art and culture is fundamental to the museum’s artistic, educational and cultural programme.

Patron Council

Canal Sur RTVA

RTVA’s undertaking to support MPM since 2004 has been a decisive factor in the dissemination of Pablo Picasso’s work, as well as in the various artistic and cultural initiatives that have taken place at the museum. Over the years, MPM has run its publicity campaigns via the various radio and TV media belonging to the organization. This public corporation is the current audio-visual market leader in southern Spain.

Patron Members


Vocento is Spain’s leading multimedia group in Spain. It has reinforced its support of cultural dissemination by signing a sponsorship agreement in 2004 with Museo Picasso Malaga. The agreement has enabled the art museum to advertise and promote itself throughout Andalusia through a range of media channels belonging to the group. This collaboration with the museum arose from the responsibility of businesses – and media organizations in particular – to reinvest part of their income in society. 

Grupo Joly

Grupo Joly, Andalusia’s leading newspaper publishers, signed in 2004 a collaboration agreement with Museo Picasso Malaga, which names it a Protecting Member of the museum. It thereby undertakes to promote and disseminate the museum’s activities in all its daily newspapers, allowing MPM to insert free advertising in all the newspapers owned by the group in Andalusia. The Grupo Joly is aware of its role in society, and it promotes all projects aimed at enhancing the Andalusian cultural panorama. 

Fundación Aena

The agreement that was signed between MPM, AENA and Fundación AENA in 2010 allows advertising to be placed in the new terminal of Malaga Airport, through which over millions of passengers are expected to pass each year. The agreement also provides a suitable backdrop for future collaboration on certain specific projects and activities, when the purpose of these is to bring the general public closer to the work of Pablo Picasso. 

La Opinión de Málaga

La Opinión de Malaga is a daily Spanish newspaper, published in the city of Malaga since 1999. It belongs to the Editorial Prensa Ibérica group, chaired by Javier Moll. The newspaper devotes special attention to the local information generated in the city of Malaga, in its metropolitan area and in the province.


Fundación Unicaja

Fundación Unicaja shows its interest in culture and the arts through its commitment to the dissemination and sponsorship of outstanding cultural initiatives and artistic expressions, thereby bringing the arts closer to the general public and putting the spotlight on Andalusian artistic creation and museum spaces.

These priorities are being met at prestigious institutions such as the Museo Picasso Málaga, a symbol of Malaga’s museum revival and a driver of cultural quality thanks to its permanent collection, its temporary exhibitions and its host of parallel activities and projects, which are vigorously supported by Fundación Unicaja. In October 2018, we will be the sponsors of the exhibition Picasso’s South. Andalusian References and of the Fourth International Congress entitled “Picasso and History”. In 2019, the commitment was renewed by sponsoring the exhibition Calder-Picasso and in 2021 by sponsoring The Paris of Brassaï. Photographs of the City Picasso Loved.

Fundación "la Caixa"

The alliance between Museo Picasso Málaga and Fundación "la Caixa" has come about as a result of both institutions’ shared interest in social issues and developing programmes for art and social inclusion. Every year, this collaboration makes it possible for groups with functional diversity or at risk of exclusion to participate in workshops, participatory visits and seminars whose main objective is to enable participants to develop socio-emotional and cognitive abilities through a recurring and ongoing relationship with the visual arts, enhancing the creation of community, in addition to bringing them closer to art. In 2018, they also collaborated in the organization of the Warhol. Mechanical art exhibition and sponsored Miquel Barceló. Metamorphosis in 2021.


CaixaBank’s collaboration has been a valuable contribution to realizing noteworthy temporary exhibitions at Museo Picasso Málaga, such as Louise Bourgeois. I Have Been to Hell and Back, Jackson Pollock’s Mural. Energy Made Visible and Bacon, Freud and the School of LondonIn 2018, CaixaBank sponsored the exhibition And Fellini Dreamed of Picasso. In 2019, they collaborated with the exhibition Bruce Nauman. Rooms, bodies, words.


Fundación ACS

The collaboration of the ACS Foundation focuses on the educational program of the Museo Picasso Mälaga and, especially, on the realization of summer workshops for children and young people. During 2018, it also contributed to carry out the educational activities organized for the exhibition Warhol. Mechanical Art.

Fila Iberia

Fila Iberia collaborates in artistic production workshops aimed at children, youth and adults in the programs for families within the framework of the MPM Collection and the various temporary exhibitions.

Grupo Jorge Ordoñez

The philosophy of the Jorge Ordoñez Group is the production of artisanal wines from the oldest vineyards of the native grapes of Spain. Since 2019, Grupo Jorge Ordóñez collaborates in the inaugurations of the Museum's temporary exhibitions.