Growing up in the Century of Childhood

November 11, 2010

Speaker: Juliet Kinchin

Growing up in the Century of Childhood. Scotland, Austro-Hungary and Scandinavia 1900-1920. Lecture in English

From the extensive palette of themes and proposals that avant-garde architecture covered during the 20th century, some have served as a kind of “short” or “folding” common axis over this period of time. The avant-garde movements’ aim was to revolutionize life by anticipating what was to come, and children, the very origins of complete human life, became – albeit marginally – the special focus of their investigations. Being a type of object that is laden with dreams, possibilities, affection and reasons, toys became the cherished and obsessive challenge.

The seminar Architecture, childhood and toys of the avant-garde focused on the architectural projects that the Avant-garde movements produced with children in mind. Coordinated by José Ramón Moreno, director of the Malaga School of Architecture, four experts discussed their knowledge of the subject.

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November 11, 2010


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