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Museo Picasso Málaga with its guided tours programme offers visits to the collection in which the participants, guided by a museum educator, will explore issues such as the importance of Picasso and his contribution to the history of art, the temporary exhibitions or the architecture of the Palacio de Buenavista.

Consult conditions of the visit and some recommendations for a comfortable and safe visit.

Group visits

If you are a professional guide you can get museum’s tickets quickly and with advantage, here.

Guided tour with booking

Activity adapted to all audiences.
50-minute tour.
Groups up to 20 people.
Fee: 70 € in Spanish, 85 € in English or French + tickets.
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Walk-in guided tour

Upon your arrival at the museum, please check the availability of our educators at the ticket office and book your tour when purchasing your tickets.
30-minute tour.
Groups up to 6 people.
Fee: 25 € in Spanish, 30 € in English or French + tickets.
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Free guided tour

See the agenda of activities.

Guided private visit

The most exclusive type of visit during opening hours.
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Participatory tours for persons with physical, intellectual, sensory or mental disabilities and at-risk social groups.
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Educational programme

Click here to see our programme for the educational community.