Cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are generally understood to be any kind of information storage and recovery medium placed on a users’ device for the purpose of storing information and recovering already stored information.

Depending on the entity that is managing the device or domain from which the cookies are being sent and the data is being processed, cookies are classified as follows:

a) First-party cookies: this means cookies created by the domain that manages the website that the user is visiting. They are sent to the device being used.

b) Third-party cookies: those that are created by a website other than the one that you are visiting. They are sent from a domain or device not managed by the current webpage’s editor; this third party manages the data obtained via cookies.

Types of cookies according to their purpose

There are many uses for cookies. They might include:

a) Technical (functional) cookies. These are the essential cookies required for the correct functioning of the website. They allow you to navigate using different options within the website, platform or app, including those that the website manager uses to manage and operate the webpage, activating functions and services such as:

  • Analysing web traffic control
  • Data transfer
  • Session id
  • Access to restricted contents
  • Reminder of shopping cart contents
  • Processing a purchase
  • Managing payment
  • Controlling security-related fraud
  • Registration or participation in an event
  • Visitor count for software licencing purposes for the website, platform or app
  • Use of security switches during browsing
  • Storing content for audio or video broadcast
  • Enabling dynamic content (e.g. animated loading bar)
  • Sharing content on social media.

Other cookies in this technical category are those that allow efficient management of any advertising that the editor places on a webpage, app, or platform as an element of the design or “layout” of the service provided, based on criteria such as tailored content. The information collected in these cookies is not used to personalise advertising or other content.

b) Preference cookies enable the website to remember information, so that specific features are kept whenever the user accesses the service. This is to differentiate their experience from that of other users, e.g. language preference, number of results to be shown when the user initiates a search, content display according to the browser type, or the region where the user is located.

c) Analytical cookies are used to track and analyse the behaviour of visitors to websites they are linked to, and this includes the impact of advertising. Information gathered via this type of cookie is used to monitor website, platform or app activity in order to improve the design, based on the analysis of website usage.

d) Behavioural advertising cookies (or interest-based advertising cookies). These cookies store information about the users’ behaviour, obtained through continuous monitoring of browsing behaviour and enabling specific advertising profiles to be developed, based on browsing history.

Types of cookies according to how long they remain active

a) Session cookies are designed to obtain and store data temporarily, for the duration of the user’s webpage session. They are usually used to store information that needs to be kept only in order to provide the service requested by the user, on a one-time basis (e.g. a list of purchases). They disappear once the browser is closed.

b) Persistent cookies are those in which the data remains stored in the device and can be accessed and analysed for a period defined by the cookie manager. This period can range from minutes to years.

This website uses cookies and/or similar technologies that store and analyse information when you browse the website. These technologies are generally used for a wide range of different purposes, such as remembering your user ID, obtaining information about your browsing habits, or to personalise the way information is shown. Details of how we use these technologies are described below.

Managing your cookies: This website can only use cookies on your device if you’ve given us your explicit consent, unless they are necessary in order to browse our website. You can usually consent to, or block cookies and you can also erase your browsing history (including cookies) from your browser. Please check the options and instructions in your browser. Please note that if you consent to third-party cookies, you should delete them from your browser’s options.

Transatlantic exchanges: This website has activated Google Analytics, provided by Google LLC. User interaction during the use of the tool implies transatlantic exchanges of personal data, both technical and analytical. The information exchange falls under the EU-EUS Privacy Shield framework.