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Nine hundred citizens of Málaga from different age groups and social backgrounds – schoolchildren, university students, professional photographers, senior citizens and members of several NGOs – took part in creating a collective photographic mural that expresses the anonymous art seen on the walls of the city of Málaga. Each one of them chose a street or a place in the city to photograph, for very different personal reasons. Connected up with all the others, they provide a unique participative topographica

On Tuesday, 21st December, Museo Picasso Málaga presented “The Walls of Málaga”, a photographic project based on social participation, whose starting point is the photographic work of Brassaï. With his camera, Brassaï captured the urban space of Paris, the city on the Seine, creating a topographical map of the signs seen on walls, laden with symbolism and emotion. The aim of this project was to construct a collective representation of the city of Málaga that was created by the photographic gaze of its inhabitants. It was joined by another one, by Dadi Dreucol, who created a large-format mural.

The presentation of The Walls of Málaga took place with the collaboration of OMAU Málaga. To express our gratitude for their involvement and participation, José Medina Galeote from the visual arts department of Fundación Unicaja, Carmen García Ruiz, who teaches at the UMA Faculty of Educational Science, and Míchelo Toro, director of the Apertura Centro de Fotografía y Artes Visuales art school, were invited to the presentation, which was led by the artistic director of MPM, José Lebrero Stals.

The various citizen’s associations that took part in the creation of this photographic map of the city with their photographs, were also invited to the event.

The project will be on view for all visitors to MPM until early January. It was organized in the context of the exhibition The Paris of Brassaï. Photographs of the City Picasso Loved, sponsored by Fundación Unicaja and with the special collaboration of Estate Brassaï succession, Paris; Institut Français, Seville; and Musée national Picasso-Paris.

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