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Christine, Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso’s commitment to the Museo Picasso Málaga (MPM), combined with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Andalusia [Junta de Andalucía], signify an increase in the MPM Collection’s oeuvre from 155 to 233 of Picasso’s works in ownership.

December 2009 saw the launch of the new foundation which will direct the Museo Picasso Málaga: the ‘Fundación Museo Picasso Málaga. Legado Paul, Christine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso’, beginning a process of patrimonial enlargement of the Collection throughout 2010 from three sources: donation, acquisition and temporary gratuitous loans.

This operation of Enlargement and Consolidation of the Museo Picasso Málaga Collection is made possible thanks to this commitment by Christine, Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso as well as the support of the Museo Picasso Málaga by the Government of Andalusia&rsquo";“s Ministry of Culture, which has meant an increase in the painting gallery&rsquo”;“s works by fifty percent, as the museum has increased its ownership of Pablo Picasso&rsquo”;"s oeuvre from 155 to 233 works

Acquisitions, donations and gratuitous loans The Museo Picasso Málaga has acquired 22 drawings, 46 engravings and 4 illustrated books, which form a set of 72 artworks spanning several of Pablo Picasso&rsquo";"s periods and techniques.

As well as this, the Museo Picasso Málaga Collection has been increased by the personal donation by Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso of 6 works: 2 drawings and 4 engravings by the Malaga artist.

This growth in own patrimony will be complemented next October with the granting of a temporary, gratuitous loan, through a fifteen-year agreement with the ‘Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso’ (FABA), of 43 works by Pablo Picasso, which would be impossible to acquire under market conditions.

In parallel to all the above is an agreement with the Governmental Council [Consejo de Gobierno] of the Government of Andalusia of 26 December 2007 which authorised the Andalusian Ministry of Culture to commit to a horizon of financing the MPM for 15 years, thereby comprising the period from 2009 to 2023.

Calendar and publications The enlargement of the Permanent Collection of the ‘Fundación Museo Picasso Málaga. Legado Paul, Christine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso’ implies a new narrative discourse of the works currently exhibited in the Buenavista Palace. Therefore, in late March, visitors to the Museo Picasso Málaga will be able to view a selection of the totality of new artworks, property of the gallery, and so enjoy the fresh ordering of Pablo Picasso&rsquo";"s works in the exhibition spaces.

The Museo Picasso Málaga is likewise working on the publication in the form of a guide book that will offer a selection of Pablo Picasso&rsquo";"s most representative and significant works in this Collection, a book that will be on sale to visitors at the MPM Bookshop next spring. Conjointly, two new publications are being prepared, focussing on and closely analysing the 233 artworks in the Permanent Collection of the ‘Fundación Museo Picasso Málaga. Legado Paul, Christine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso’, as well as the entirety of long-term loans provided by FABA. It is foreseeable that these publications will be published and available for purchase late this year.

In addition, with the aim of increasing knowledge of the breadth and importance of this heritage and the legacy that this valuable Collection embodies, the Museo Picasso Málaga is preparing a series of activities and seminars aimed at the people of Malaga