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Eye Games. Collection


From 14th March to 11th September, 2016, the exhibition Eye Games. Collection takes a look at the depiction of the gaze in Picasso’s work. While obviously directly influenced by the gaze which the artist casts on the subjects in his works, this depiction also mirrors the successive changes in his style and techniques.

Thanks to the gazes present in the 43 works from the MPM’s Collection that make up this exhibition, we can appreciate how rich this theme is throughout Picasso’s body of work. Illustrated books from the MPM Library and a selection of photographs from the Roberto Otero Archive complete the exhibition, in which Museo Picasso Malaga shows us some of its lesser-known holdings.

Throughout his lifetime Picasso never ceased to change his way of depicting the subject in his different processes of creation. His style transformed with each of his muses (Fernande, Olga, Marie-Thérèse, Dora, Françoise, Jacqueline…) but it also evolved with each new process of research he undertook. The inventiveness reflected in all these gazes provides amble evidence of the sheer breadth and complexity of his work.

Eye Games. The Collection, therefore examines the representation of the gaze in Pablo Picasso’s work, bearing in mind the artist’s own vision of the sitter. The exhibition is organised in a chronological itinerary, with the exception of the symbolic work The Artist’s Eyes which opens the show. It is brought to a close with Head of a Bearded Man II, a perfect replica of the gaze in The Artist’s Eyes.

The chronological order is also broken by two thematic chapters: one focused on the theme of The Artist and His Model and the other on Play of Gazes, the latter featuring works in which the interactions between the gazes of the depicted characters play a key role.

The exhibition contains 43 works by Pablo Picasso including sculpture, drawing, graphic works, ceramics and illustrated books. Also on show are holdings from the bibliographic collection in the museum’s library and a selection of photos from the Fondo Roberto Otero archive.

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