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Jazz comes back to MPM


The Museo Picasso Málaga Auditorium will once again vibrate with the best jazz thanks to two essential concerts for lovers of this music: Ibrahim Electric, on Wednesday, November 26, and Steve Coleman & Five Elements on Friday, November 28, 2014.

After its Solo Jazz, Combo Jazz and Saxo Jazz cycles, Museo Picasso Málaga is taking another look at jazz in a new programme.

Ibrahim Electric 26.11.2014 MPM Auditorium, 9PM

The leading international names on the bill are Ibrahim Electric and Steve Coleman &amp";" Five Elements, two ensembles that are reshaping the whole concept of jazz, expanding and developing it in various different directions while retaining the links between tradition and progress. Emotion and technique are at the heart of a programme committed to scheduling unmissable sessions at the MPM Auditorium. Ibrahim Electric’s style combines elements of soul, jazzand 60s Acid power beat, with rapid, punk-like passages in which the three musicians merge as one. Each member of the ensemble is a highly skilled and expressive musician, and this has given the band its outstanding unity. Niclas Knudsen: guitars Stefan Pasborg: drum &amp";" percusions Jeppe Tuxen: organ

Steve Coleman and Five Elements 28.11.2014 MPM Auditorium, 9pm

With the first band he led, Steve Coleman and Five Elements, Coleman founded the M-Basemovement, based on overlapping rhythmic structures with different metres and those improvised by each player, and incorporating elements of traditional African music and funk. Coleman has also created a number of innovative theories regarding the integration offunk, soul, world music and jazz rhythms.

Steve Coleman: saxo Jonathan Finlayson: trompet Anthony Tidd: double bass Sean Rickman: drums