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José Lebrero Stals will continue as Artistic Director of Museo Picasso Málaga


The Executive Board of Museo Picasso Málaga has approved the contract reappointing its current artistic director; likewise, the agreement which was taken by the Executive Board on July 11th of this year has been reported, eliminating the post of managing director.

These measures are in response to dictates of austerity and cost-effectiveness in management, as called for in the current times of world economic crisis: these are lines of action which will mark out how MPM must function.

During the meeting held today, September 17th, of the Executive Board, agreement has been reached to entrust once again the current artistic director, José Lebrero Stals, with the running of Museo Picasso Málaga for the coming three years. This reappointment will come into force next October, once the contract which is currently in force comes to an end. The reappointment of José Lebrero Stals means a reduction in his salary of more than 20% and covers the need for activity and expository programme scheduling until the year 2015.

Further to this, in the same meeting, the agreement reached by the Executive Committee last July was reported, eliminating the position of Managing Director of the Museo Picasso Málaga, the duties being taken on by the Management Committee, the professional body made up of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, the Treasurer, the Overseer for Financial Management, and the Artistic Director of MPM. This will ensure greater coordination between the financial area and the area concerned with Museum contents.

Furthermore, the Executive Committee has modified the structure of the members of the different commissions of which it is composed, these being the Budget Committee, the Programme and Conservation Committee, and the Management Committee, alongside the naming of the new treasurer, Dolores Carmen Fernández Carmona, the current General Technical secretary of the Council.

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