Foto: Pablo Asenjo © Museo Picasso Málaga



Two of the galleries housing the collection of the Museo Picasso Málaga have been transformed for the upcoming opening of the Picasso Sculptor. Matter and Body exhibition. From this week onwards rooms IX and X will present Perpetual Metamorphosis, a selection of works by Picasso that establish a subtle dialogue with the exhibition. This display will remain in place until the show ends.

Devised by Michael FitzGerald, a professor of Fine Art at Trinity College in Hartford (United States), Perpetual Metamorphosis complements the Picasso Sculptor. Matter and Body exhibition due to open at the Museo Picasso Málaga on May 9 as part of the Picasso Celebration. 1973–2023 commemoration.

Rooms IX and X of the Palacio de Bellavista will display works illustrating the broad variety of forms in which Picasso explored the female body using a wide range of media: sculpture, painting, drawing and ceramics. For Picasso, the ancient rivalry between painting and sculpture was meaningless. The constant evolution of his ideas exploded traditional differences between media, as his art was in perpetual motion across painting, sculpture, drawing, and printmaking.

Perpetual Metamorphosis brings together works executed by Picasso during the short period immediately after the Second World War. His explorations aimed at linking different artistic techniques reached their height of development at this point in his career. This use of a combination of media to address the same subject and the close chronological relationship between the works on show enable viewers to immerse their imagination in the creative fluidity of Picasso’s art.

Curated by Carmen Giménez, the exhibition at the MPM opens on May 9. Entitled Picasso Sculptor. Matter and Body, it is part of the international Picasso Celebration. 1973–2023 programme and has been organised with the support of the Musée national Picasso-Paris and the Spanish committee for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso, with Telefónica as corporate collaborator for the Spanish programme. Fundación Unicaja has joined in this celebration by supporting the exhibition at the Museo Picasso Málaga.

This autumn, in The Echo of Picasso (Oct 3, 2023–Mar 31, 2024), Professor FitzGerald will establish a new dialogue between works from the collection of the Museo Picasso Málaga and pieces featured in a show devoted to demonstrating Picasso’s influence on more recent artists.