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On 25 May, the Museo Picasso Málaga closed its exhibition On the Human Being. International Photography 1900-1950, seen by a total of 52,396 visitors.

A daily average of 624 people came to see the works brought together, taken by leading photographers such as Brassa&iuml";", Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joan Colom, El Lissitzky, László Moholy-Nagy, Irving Penn, Man Ray, Alexander Rodtchenko, and Edward Steichen.

Curated by Ute Eskildsen, Director of the Photography Departament of the Museum Folkwang in Essen (Germany), the aim of On the Human Being. International Photography 1900-1950 was to show humankind&rsquo";“s fascination with discovering the keys to its own existence. The more than one hundred works &ndash”;" mainly portraits - that were brought together in this show, provided visitors with an overview of the history of photography during the first half of the 20th century, from the earliest examples of photography as an artistic medium up to the photojournalism of the 40s and 50s.

Alongside the show, prominent experts in photography gave a series of lectures in the MPM Auditorium focusing on the work of leading photographers featured in the exhibition. Speakers included David Elliott, who spoke on Rodtchenko";" Mark Haworth-Booth, on Lee Miller";" Belinda Rathbone, on Walker Evans";" Juan Naranjo on Nicolás de Lekuona";" and the exhibition curator, Ute Eskildsen, gave her lecture on photographic portraiture.

Throughout the show, the MPM Projection Room screened the films The Starfish, The Mysteries of the Chateau de Dé, Poison and La Garoupe, all by Man Ray.

The exhibition, which was produced in collaboration with the Museum Folkwang in Essen, is partnered by the show currently on at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC) in Seville, which beginning in June 2008 will be showing a selection of photographic work with the title On the Human Being. International Photography 1950-2000, and covering the second half of the 20th century. This exhibition contains twenty of the pictures shown in Málaga.

Upcoming Exhibition The Museo Picasso Málaga is currently preparing Moments and Gazes. Picasso as seen by Otero, a new selection of photographs by Roberto Otero, whose work is part of the MPM Archive holdings. The exhibition can be seen from 17 June to 20 August and contains close to one hundred shots that provide visitors with a glimpse at the everyday life of the Andalusian artist with his family and friends, and offering a fresh look at the man behind the artist.

Roberto Otero (Trenque Lauquen, Buenos Aires, 1931-Palma de Mallorca, 2004) was one of the photographers who regularly took pictures of Picasso during the last years of his life, when he lived in the South of France. His relationship with the painter, whom he met through the art critic Ricardo Baeza and the writer José Bergamín, was strengthened by his family ties with Rafael Alberti. This close contact made it possible for him to build up an extensive photographic archive, like a large family album, that provides an exceptional record of the Andalusian artist&rsquo";"s everyday life.

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