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Bill Viola: figurative works closed last Sunday after having been seen by a total of 60,259 visitors. The exhibition is the first in a series that examines the diverse kinds of relationship the Malaga-born artist had with some of the key artists working as from the second half of the 20th century.

With the exhibition Bill Viola: figurative works, MPM has provided visitors with the chance to identify the subtle connections between the work of Pablo Picasso and a contemporary artist who, in this case, is one of the pioneers of the projected and digital image. The Arrangement (2007), Incarnation (2008) and Three Women (2008) are the three works that will be on display. They are all part of the series Transfigurations, which has a strong symbolic and spiritual content. The exhibition was rounded off by two screenings. One of them, produced by MPM, points to certain connections between the work of Picasso and that of Viola, two artists from different periods who are nevertheless linked by similar themes and forms. The other is the documentary Bill Viola: the Eye of the Heart, directed in 2003 by Mark Kidel. Kidel approaches Viola&rsquo";"s artwork by looking at key events in his life, his ideas on art and religion, his influences and sources of inspiration, and the creative process.

MPM is currently preparing its next temporary exhibition, which will open on 4th October. Curated jointly by Carlos Pérez and by José Lebrero Stals, the artistic director of MPM, Toys of the Avant-garde examines the little-explored relationship between art and teaching in the many projects aimed at children that appeared all over Europe during that revolutionary period. Today, these works are major examples of the artistic and literary movements that served as the foundation for contemporary art and design.