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MPM, Fundación PROA and Fundación Cisneros organize The Second Seminar on Art and Social Integration in Buenos Aires


The Second International Seminar on Art and Social Integration features the participation of a number of prominent international experts. They will be presenting specific projects and papers aimed at the in-depth examination of ideas on the role of culture and art as agents of social integration.

This has enabled Museo Picasso Málaga to strengthen its international ties with Latin America, precisely at a time when Fundación PROA is about to inaugurate, on the 13th October in Buenos Aires, the exhibition Alberto Giacometti. The Collection of the Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, which was shown at Museo Picasso Málaga last year. It also coincides with Madrid&rsquo";"s Reina Sofía Museum scheduling an exhibition for 2013 that will show the collection of Patricia Phelps de Cisneros, the wife of Gustavo Cisneros Co. The couple were among the most influential art patrons in Latin America.

As well as examining the role of institutional and cultural agents, the seminar also looks at a series of problems facing contemporary societies on a worldwide level. These include life in large cities and their outskirts, the dissolution of established traditional social ties, constant migration flows, the need to respect and understand other cultures, and the quest for a sustainable world with a greater awareness of the environment. With these circumstances in mind, artists, institutions and administrators have promoted the creation of social art projects based on flexibility, creativity and integration.

The Seminar revolves around three open-ended and interrelated central themes: a discussion of the terms &ldquo";“social integration&rdquo”;" and &ldquo";“art&rdquo”;“”;" work, follow-up and assessment methodologies";" and analysis of the difficulties and potential solutions. More than 70 people have already signed up for the seminar, which will feature the prominent international theorists, educators, cultural administrators, and artists. They will be presenting both theoretical papers and implemented projects, specially chosen on the basis of the consistence of the concepts and methodology, and which may serve as templates or guidance for other proposals.

Luis Camnitzer, artist and pedagogical advisor to the Fundación Cisneros";" Juliet Kinchin, curator of the Department of Architecture and Design at MoMA in New York";" Pia Landro, curator of educational projects, and Walney Virgilio, from the Visitor Services Department at Tate Modern in London, will be joined by Lucía Vázquez, head of the Educational Department, and José Lebrero Stals, the director of Museo Picasso Málaga. These are just a few of the experts who will be occupying Fundación PROA, the Buenos Aires contemporary art centre, for three full days.

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