Today, Tuesday 26th May, Museo Picasso Málaga reopened its doors to the public, after more than two months since the start of the lockdown caused by the health crisis, which affected the whole of Spain. The museum now provides a comfortable and safe environment for its visitors, in compliance with Spanish health regulations.

Málaga resident Pilar Goya was the first person to cross the MPM threshold. She was greeted by the artistic director, José Lebrero Stals and the museum staff, who expressed their joy at the return of visitors, the museum’s raison d’être.

There was a large media presence on this first day, which was a particularly emotional one, due to the symbolic nature of this return to cultural activity in a city known as the City of Museums.

At 10.00am, the artistic director of Museo Picasso Málaga welcomed the gallery’s first visitors, after 73 days of compulsory closure. As from Tuesday 26th May 2020, Museo Picasso Málaga will be opening its doors every day and with the same opening hours. Visitors will be able to see, free of charge, the exhibition Genealogies of Art, or the History of Art as Visual Art, which brings together over 100 works by Pablo Picasso, Constantin Brancusi, Paul Cézanne, Robert Delaunay, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Juan Gris, Wassily Kandinsky, Fernand Léger, El Lissitzky, Kazimir Malevich, Franz Marc, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Georges Braque, Paul Klee and Henry Moore, among other major artists. In a week’s time, on Monday 1st June, there will be a new layout for the permanent collection, Dialogues with Picasso. Collection 2020-2023, with 120 works by the artist.

The museum recommends visitors buy their tickets in advance online, via the museum website We also recommend they respect the 2-metre personal distancing space, which is clearly marked throughout the museum. Please also use the hand gel at the sanitiser points that have been installed for this purpose and wear protective facemasks as much as possible.

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