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As from March 2020, as a result of the world health crisis, we saw the greatest worldwide closure of museums since the Second World War. The almost total lack of international travel, along with the successive restrictions on public gatherings, severely affected three interlinked sectors: culture, tourism and education.-

The outcome, alongside a significant decrease in income and the cancellation or postponement of a large part of the programme scheduled for the year, was a percentage drop in visitors. Although until the March closure visitor numbers had been similar to those of 2019, Museo Picasso Málaga saw a 25% drop in the annual total, in comparison to the previous year.

Despite these difficulties, a total of around 164,000 people visited the museum, located in the heart of Málaga. Notably, over 13,000 people were drawn by the educational programmes and cultural activities which were not cancelled after May, when the museum reopened.

With its strict adherence to health measures, no Covid-related incidents have been recorded to date on the Foundation’s premises. While our online visitor numbers have not yet been recorded, it is worth highlighting that the digital transformation process that the Museum had already begun picked up speed in 2020, and there was a major increase in MPM’s own productions in this area, in the form of virtual exhibitions, educational materials, art documentaries and online courses.