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Museo Picasso Málaga looks back at the origins and identity of the artist, on the tenth anniversary of it’s opening


The MPM Board of Trustees has approved the artistic programme for next year, with exhibitions and activities that will examine the more personal side of the artist.

The Board of Trustees of the Fundación Museo Picasso Málaga. Legado Paul, Christine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso approved the museum&rsquo";“s 2013 exhibition programme and budget at the meeting held today. In the year that MPM celebrates the 10th anniversary of its opening, which also coincides with the 40th anniversary of Pablo Picasso&rsquo”;"s death, the museum will be looking back at the origins and identity of the Málaga-born artist with three exhibitions and a range of activities that will examine his more personal side. The art programme will be completed by exhibitions on Dennis Hopper and Hilma af Klimt.

At the same time, the Board of Trustees also approved the budget for next year, prioritizing the criteria of quality, efficiency and austerity. Content development funds have been increased, and those allocated for current and operating costs have been optimized. In these complicated economic times, MPM has made great efforts to maintain a programme that is of a very high artistic standard, while at the same time making the most of available funds. Furthermore, with the aim of improving the museum&rsquo";"s planning and administrative procedures, the Board has for the first time proposed bringing forward the programming for 2014 and 2015. For all these reasons, this 10th anniversary will herald a new phase for Museo Picasso Malaga.

The 10th anniversary and the programme for 2013 The celebration of the museum&rsquo";“s 10th anniversary provides an opportunity to meet three goals: to acknowledge the hard work of those who have helped to make the museum a significant cultural institution on an international level”;" to remind us of the significance of both the opening and the programme of the Malaga museum, which is both Andalusian and international in scope";" thirdly, to reflect upon the institution&rsquo";"s future and prepare a working plan for any challenges that may arise.

In February, MPM will present the exhibition Picasso of Málaga (25th February &ndash";" 9the June), which will look back at the origins of the Malaga-born artist who changed the history of art. In the spring, Family Album (24th June &ndash";" 6th October), will examine the family-based nature, origins and vocation of MPM. Then in autumn, Eleven Guest Works (27th October 2013 &ndash";" February 2014), will showcase the MPM&rsquo";"s permanent collection through works by other artists whom Picasso admired.

The exhibition programme will be completed by Dennis Hopper. On the Road (29th April &ndash";" 29th September), a retrospective on the photographic, artistic and film work of a legend of American counter-culture. Finally, Hilma af Klint. A Pioneer of Abstraction (21st October 2013 &ndash";" February 2014) will enable visitors to discover the work - some of which is previously unshown - of a Swedish artist who was ahead of her time. Also for 2013, a complementary schedule of activities is being organized that will be based on the exhibition programme.

International scope, training and research The Guest Museum programme fosters relations with other institutions by presenting significant works by Picasso from other major museums, within the context of MPM&rsquo";“s own collection. With this in mind, we will be collaborating with academic institutions in order to promote the study of Picasso&rsquo”;"s oeuvre.

We will also be moving forward with the idea of the museum as a place of learning and training through art, by promoting artistic creation, the research and teaching of forms of artistic expression, the conservation of cultural heritage and the study of art. An educational programme will be set up for this purpose, geared to diverse groups of children, youngsters and adults, and with the emphasis on continuing our integration and inclusion programme, in collaboration with other institutions.

The meeting of the Board of Trustees was chaired by Luciano Alonso, President of the Board of Trustees and the Junta de Andalucía&rsquo";“s Councillor for Culture and Sports, and by Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, President of the foundation&rsquo”;"s Executive Council.

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