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Next Friday 21 and Saturday 22 November the strength and energy of the Spellbound Dance Company will transform the MPM Auditorium into a stage for constantly evolving and mutating emotions, images, sounds and gestures.

Known for their rigorous choreographic research and stylistic mixtures, this Italian company takes the stage with the aim of interacting with the audience on an emotional level, overflowing with energy and strength, able to stimulate the sensibilities of those who attend their performances.

Nafas is the title of the choreography that will open Spellbound&rsquo";“s show at the MPM Auditorium. The Arab word Nafas can be translated as &ldquo”;“breath&rdquo”;“, or &ldquo”;“breathing&rdquo”;“, and around these ideas other associations emerge, such as freedom, pleasure, fulfilment, control. The movements of the seven dancers, directed on stage by Mauro Astolfi, tell a special story about the rhythm of life, which is marked by an action &ndash”;" breathing &ndash";" that is as unavoidable as life itself.

Discovery, tenderness, softness, sensuality&hellip";" For Her provides a glimpse of the various facets of women";" the vital energy that they radiate, and the strength - a feature traditionally associated with men - of feminine nature. As the piece&rsquo";“s choreographer, Mauro Astolfi, explains, &ldquo”;“For Her is an offering to the miraculous life of woman, in other words, it is an offering to life itself, to the very source of life&rdquo”;". The piece is performed by six dancers and was specially created for this show. This will be its world premiere.

The Spellbound Dance Company began its activity in 1994. Founded and directed by Mauro Astolfi, the company has right from the start been constant and vigorous in choreographic research with a mixture so as to make each show a receptacle of emotions, images, sounds and gestures in constant evolution and mutation. The choice has been not to restrict the definition of one specific dance style: each gesture if is a useful ingredient in creating a production that is stimulating and has an emotional feedback for the dancers and the public.

Mauro Astolfi has created his style and his method starting from the combination of different expressive forms of the contemporary movement using, not in an ordinary way, all the elements that every kind of dance could offer. He studied in Europe and in the United States, enabled him to share, in the artistic field, many and different experiences which later became the basis of his current work.