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Spirituality features in a one-off session in the Hilma af Kilint exhibition


Five guest speakers with backgrounds in different fields of knowledge will be discussing in situ the theosophy, science, art and spirituality in the Swedish artist´s work. For the very first time, MPM is organizing a session of this nature in the very room where the artworks are on display.

The Museo Picasso Málaga has brought the unique work of Hilma af Klint to Spain. This Swedish artist was ahead of her time, creating an enigmatic body of work with which she aimed to depict a reality beyond that which is visible to the eye. It is impressive even today, with its forms, coherence and a wealth of symbolism that confronts the spectator with the great questions of all time. The palette, composition and format of her paintings reveal Af Klint&acute";"s urge to portray the connection between the spiritual and the material, the microcosm and macrocosm, light and darkness, female and male.

The Museo Picasso Málaga has therefore decided to organize a round-table discussion that will examine theosophy, science, art, spirituality and other issues, in the very room where the &ldquo";“Ten Biggest&rdquo”;" series is on display. The five guest speakers from different disciplinary backgrounds will therefore be discussing these subjects surrounded by works of art laden with symbols. They are: lawyer and painter José Manuel Cabra de Luna";" Elías de Mateo, director of MUPAM (Malaga Museum of Municipal Heritage) and Museo Revello de Toro, and an expert on theosophy in Andalusia";" Pascual Martínez Freire, Emeritus Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at Universidad de Málaga";" poet and philosopher Chantal Maillard, who is also a former professor of Aesthetics and Art Theory at Universidad de Málaga";" and Encarnación Alcaraz, director of the El Farol International Waldorf School.

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