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Due to public acclaim, the exhibition The Pierre and Maria-Gaetana Matisse Collection from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York can be visited until next 9 September. During the summer, visitors will have the opportunity to view the 50 works on show by some of 20th century greatest artists. The collection will return to New York after the closing.

The Museo Picasso Málaga and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, have decided to postpone the end of this exhibition from 24 June to 9 September. This unique and heterogeneous collection, originally belonging of one of leading art dealers of the last century, will be on show at the MPM through out the summer. Balthus, Carrington, Chagall, Delvaux, Dubuffet, Giacometti, Lam, Magritte, Matta, Miró and in particular Henri Matisse &ndash";“the dealer&rsquo”;“s father&ndash”;" are among the great names of 20th-century art represented in the fifty works that make up the exhibition At the age of 24, Pierre Matisse moved to New York where he began to collaborate with Valentine Dudensing&rsquo";“s gallery. In 1931, at the height of the Depression, he opened his own space in the Fuller Building in Manhattan. Matisse&rsquo”;“s gallery would soon become a pioneer in promoting European avant-garde art in the United States. His remarkably active and wide-ranging career spanning nearly sixty years consolidated the appreciation of contemporary art among the American public and was also crucial for the careers of now legendary artists such as Balthus, Miró, Giacometti and Dubuffet. The selection of works shown at the MPM offer the visitor a vision of European art of the first half of the 20th century. Visitors will be able to compare Miró&rsquo”;“s lyrical abstractions with Balthus&rsquo”;“s cool realism, and Dubuffet&rsquo”;“s unique sense of humour with the sombre poetry of Giacometti&rsquo”;“s figures. Particularly notable in the exhibition is the group of 24 works by Henri Matisse, possibly the artist whom Picasso most respected among his contemporaries. This group runs from early sculptures to works of the artist&rsquo”;“s mature period, and covers his most typical subjects: penetrating and realistic portraits of models, friends and family members, some distant in mood, others warm and intimate. In association with the exhibition, the MPM has organised a series of lectures that look at Pierre Matisse&rsquo”;“s activities in the American art market as well as the influence that his artists had on the work of the American artists who assiduously visited the exhibitions held at his gallery. The lectures will be given by Sabine Rewald, Jacques and Natasha Gelman Curator, Department of Nineteenth-Century, Modern, and Contemporary Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (29 March)”;" art historian Jonathan Pratt, former senior director of Sotheby&rsquo";“s Europe (19 April)”;" Professor Michael Fitzgerald of Trinity College, Hartford (3 May)“;” and Pepe Karmel of New York University (10 May). These lectures are given in collaboration with the Universidad de Málaga and admission is free. The exhibition will continue to be the principal subject of the Museum Talks, offered by the Education Department every Thursday at 6.00 pm, as well as the Projection Room will be offering a continuous, all-day showing of the film Portrait de Pierre made in 1994 by Gero von Boehm (16mm, sound, colour, 58&rsquo";“). This documentary (in French with Spanish subtitles) offers a complete overview of Pierre Matisse&rsquo”;“s activities through archive images combined with unique first-hand from critic Rosamond Bernier, collector Eugene Thaw, and artists Balthus and Fran&ccedil”;"ois Rouan. It also includes a lengthy interview with Pierre Matisse himself, in which he speaks of his relationship with his father and his own activities as a dealer.