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With dancers from the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris

Opus, Vivre avec, Quatre figures dans une pi&egrave";“ce, Soli-ter, Bubble and El olor de la ausencia are the titles of the six works that together comprise Fragments of Dance. This performance has been specially created for the MPM and will be presented on 20 and 21 July at 8.30pm. The dancers are stars of the Ballet de l&rsquo”;“Opéra de Paris. These works will be performed for the first time at the MPM, with the exception of Soli-ter, which receives its premier in Malaga. The works have been choreographed by José Martínez, étoile of this prestigious company, and the sujets Nicolas Paul, Bruno Bouché and Simone Valastro. Generosity between children, the essence and transience of life, spatial limitation, loss, and humour are among the concepts behind the creation of these six choreographed works that together comprise Fragments of Dance, performed next 20 and 21 July in the Auditorio MPM by a group of seven dancers from the Ballet de l&rsquo”;“Opéra de Paris. José Martínez, étoile of this prestigious company, and the sujets Nicolas Paul, Bruno Bouché and Simone Valastro have created these works in which imagination and beauty fuse in a unique spectacle of contemporary dance. Fragments of Dance opens with Opus. This is a dance marked by the frenetic rhythm of its choreographer Simone Valastro, who has taken his guiding idea from a quote by Berlioz: &ldquo”;“They say that time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils&rdquo”;“. Through rapid movements the dancer manages to win a ceaseless combat against the transience of life, accompanied by the music of The Album Leaf. Next, Vivre avec is inspired in the energy and personality of the dancer Ghyslaine Reichert. Bruno Bouché has created this solo based on the journey that one&rsquo”;“s body and soul take starting with the realisation that one must learn and overcome life&rsquo”;“s crisis in order to continue with the essential meaning of one&rsquo”;“s existence. The Group Novembre has composed the music specially for Bouché&rsquo”;“s piece. Quatre figures dans une pi&egrave”;“ce sets four conditions of the soul, four isolations in motion, four characters that try to occupy together the centre of the same space. Nicolas Paul, described by the dance critic Gérard Mannoni as &ldquo”;“one of the up-and-coming choreographers of the Ballet de l&rsquo”;“Opéra&rdquo”;“, has created this work specially for the Auditorium of the MPM. His piece is set to the music of Heitor Villa-Lobos, the Brazilian composer working in the first half of the 20th century, and the Californian composer Terry Riley, who is associated with the Minimalist school. The second half of the programme begins with Soli-ter. The Spanish José Martínez is the author of this work which is accompanied by the music of Chopin, Saint-Sa&euml”;“ns and Poulenc. Three solo for a single man inspired in a Jean de la Fontaine quote: &ldquo”;“A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.&rdquo”;" The programme continues with Bubble, a work created by Nicolas Paul with music by the innovative 20th-century composer Oliver Messiaen. In it, the gift of a globe from one child to another acts as the starting point. José Martínez is as well the choreographer of El olor de la ausencia (The Fragrance of Absence), which closes the programme. The work is set in the Spanish Civil War and deals with the loss of loved ones in time of strife. Songs of the Spanish Civil War by the jazz group Ramón López Quartet provides the music. Advanced ticket sales from 2 July on tel: 902 36 02 95 and Tickets on sale at the box office of the MPM&rsquo";"s Auditorium: 1 hour before the performance