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Museum in Movement: Familiar Faces

May 4, 2024

A morning of art and creation for people of all ages based around the artist María Blanchard.

During the spring and summer of 2024, the Museo Picasso Málaga will be showing works by María Blanchard, a key artist who influenced the modern movement and Cubism.

Participants in this activity will enjoy a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in some of this outstanding artist’s works, in which they will be able to recognise everyday scenes and familiar people as well as explore the pastel drawing technique so characteristic of Blanchard’s creations.

The workshop takes a dynamic approach to portraying people who are close and well-known to the participants: their family members! This activity offers participants an enriching and creative experience that involves capturing their loved ones from a personal perspective while exploring artistic techniques inspired by the work of the Santander-born artist.

The activity includes a ticket to the museum and all the materials needed for the workshop.


May 4, 2024



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11.30 a.m.


1h 30 min


Museo Picasso Málaga

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