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Museum in Movement. Paintings with Life

Jun 8, 2024

A morning of art and creation for all ages, based around the artist María Blanchard.

Cubism emerged as one of the most fascinating art movements of the twentieth century. María Blanchard was among the first women artists to explore the possibilities of the Cubist language and made one of the most significant contributions to this avant-garde movement.

In Paintings with Life participants have the chance to immerse themselves in the work of this exceptional artist by exploring the museum’s galleries in search of Cubist compositions that reveal everyday objects from new perspectives.

The workshop offers each participant the opportunity to create their own still-life arrangement in pop-up form to create effects of depth and dynamism. This creative experience promises not only to provide them with an insight into María Blanchard’s legacy but also to encourage experimentation and personal expression using the language of Cubism.

The activity includes a ticket to the museum and all the materials needed for the workshop.


Jun 8, 2024


€5. Registration opens soon


11.30 a.m.


1h 30 min


Museo Picasso Málaga

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