SDG 10: Reducing inequality

December 14, 2022

With Javier Polavieja

‘Reducing inequality’ is the theme of Sustainable Development Goal number 10 (SDG10). With his presentation entitled The Mechanisms of Social Inequality, Javier Polavieja, Banco Santander Professor of Sociology and Director of the Discrimination & Inequality Lab at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, surveys the factors that influence inequal opportunities for socioeconomic success.

The first step towards combating inequality is understanding how it works. Polavieja recommends paying special attention to factors such as: building capabilities and occupational preferences in childhood and early adolescence; the role of education in social achievement; and the barriers that hinder (and the springboards that boost) access to employment and promotion in the workplace. This overview provides a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in the transmission of social (dis)advantages in contemporary societies, with specific examples relevant to the Spanish context.


December 14, 2022


Free admission with advanced reservation


7 p.m.


Limited number of seats


Museo Picasso Málaga


SDG at the Museo Picasso Málaga


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