Pentaprism. Summer workshops

Jun 25 —— 28, Jul 1 —— 5, Jul 8 —— 12, 2024

Once again, the Museo Picasso Málaga is offering summer workshops for children aged 4 to 11 based on art and experimentation.

This year’s workshops are inspired by two masters in their respective fields whose works are temporarily on display at the Museum. The first is the Santander-born painter María Blanchard, one of the foremost practitioners of Cubism in Spain, and the second is the American photographer Joel Meyerowitz, who lived in and portrayed the city of Málaga in 1966.

In each, participants work individually and in groups to learn how a camera functions, exploring the area around the Museum in search of shapes and colours. Just as Meyerowitz did with his camera, they will focus on their surroundings to capture precise moments. The photographic work will be combined with activities covering a range of artistic techniques, such as cyanotype or drawing with light in the dark. Through Blanchard’s paintings, children will learn to draw on the geometrical compositions, fragmentation and multiple perspectives of Cubism to represent objects observed from different angles as well as the classic portraits. Using the collage technique, they have the opportunity to establish a dialogue between Cubism and photography, and between the works of Maria Blanchard and those of Joel Meyerowitz.

Participants also get to use their brushes and pencils! The more traditional techniques will enable them to add imaginative touches to their photographs, creating fantastical scenes such as jumping through clouds or swimming in the most colourful depths of the sea. In addition, through editing, they can also add fun outfits to their pictures or transform themselves into fantasy creatures.

The activity will be held in three sessions from Monday to Friday from June 25 to 28 (4 days), from July 1 to 5 (5 days) and from July 8 to 12 (5 days). A 20% discount is available for the second sibling onwards.


Jun 25 —— 28, Jul 1 —— 5, Jul 8 —— 12, 2024


Week 1: €80 / Week 2: €100 / Week 3: €100

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10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.


4 h / día


Museo Picasso Málaga



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