Málaga and Joel Meyerowitz. Museo de Málaga

Jun 21, 2024

In connection with the Joel Meyerowitz. Europa 1966-1967 exhibition and as part of the series of Flamenco x Joel Meyerowitz activities, Joel Meyerowitz is giving a talk on his photographs. The programme will be rounded off with dancing by Susana Lupiáñez, ‘La Lupi’.

Málaga was a very important milestone in Joel Meyerowitz’s travels around Europe, not only in terms of photography – as he found a city of contrasts and immortalised street scenes with his camera – but also on a personal level, as through his friend Paul Hecht and his partner Vivian’s wish to learn to play flamenco guitar, he came into contact with the Escalona family, whose patriarch Antonio Escalona became Vivian’s teacher.

The talk will also feature Susana Lupiáñez ‘La Lupi’ with FLAMENCO, the Málaga-born dancer’s most intimate and personal show. Flamenco at its purest, in which she celebrates dance as a way of understanding life. She performs soleás, malagueñas, tarantos, bulerías, cantinas and her impressive tangos, accompanied and supported at all times by a unique group of musicians.


Jun 21, 2024



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7.00 p.m.


2 h



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