Meeting with Joel Meyerowitz

Jun 19, 2024

A talk between photographer Joel Meyerowitz and Miguel López Remiro, curator of the exhibition and artistic director of the Museo Picasso Málaga, is being held as part of the series of Flamenco x Joel Meyerowitz activities.

Nearly sixty years after travelling around Europe, the US photographer has returned to Málaga with the Joel Meyerowitz. Europa 1966-1967 exhibition. The show, staged by the Museo Picasso Málaga, features work dating from a period in which the artist took more than 25,000 pictures of the Old Continent.

In this talk Meyerowitz and López-Remiro discuss the photographer’s artistic evolution during this European period and his way of portraying and reacting to reality, with a special focus: his poetic and life-changing experience in the city of Málaga.


Jun 19, 2024


Free. Open to the public until all places filled


7.00 p.m.


1 h


Christine Ruiz-Picasso auditorium



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