Matter and Body. Workshop on modelling from life

Thu 11, Fri 12, Thu 18, Fri 19 May 2023

Sculpture workshop consisting of four sessions, for adults.

Clay modelling is one of the earliest sculptural techniques practised by humans since their origins, just as the body has been a major theme of art since antiquity and a field of experimentation for contemporary artists. Based on these two pillars, matter and body, this workshop introduces students to the technique of modelling in clay, working from a live model. Over the course of four sessions with a model, participants in this workshop discover the different stages involved in modelling and the importance of observing and analysing form in the practice of modelling from life, as well as the configuration, interpretation, and materialisation of the real model in the sculptural work.

Workshop taught by Silvia López Rodríguez, a lecturer in Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Málaga.


Thu 11, Fri 12, Thu 18, Fri 19 May 2023




5 p.m.


3 hours daily


15 people



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